Nations of Stone

-by LeSean Johnson


ations of Stone

Imagine living in both a primitive and futuristic world where your identity is based on the color of your eyes and stones embedded in your forehead, in the shape of a crown! This novel is unlike any and a tale of a mother and sons fight for survival against a beautiful but hostile environment and an unexpected enemy. After being split up from a loved one during the war of nations (nuclear world war) They set out on a journey to reunite with that loved one but along the way they will face many challenges and life-threatening situations.


eSean Johnson

LeSean Johnson is an author of adventure books for both teens and adults, His debut trilogy “Nations of Stone” is an exciting and fun read. He was born in San Diego and has lived there his entire life except for when going to college in the county of Los Angeles. When he’s not writing, he is teaching K-12th physical education and coaching sports. He loves spending time at the beach and with family/friends from all walks of life.  He has a bachelor’s degree in physical education and a master’s in education leadership.

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Nations of Stone

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