The British Columbia Government and Service Employees’ Union (BCGEU) recently negotiated a new collective agreement with River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, British Columbia. The agreement was reached after months of negotiation and is set to benefit both the casino workers and the casino management.

The BCGEU represents over 14,000 members in various industries, including gaming and hospitality. The collective agreement with River Rock Casino Resort includes provisions that will improve the working conditions of the casino workers and provide them with better job security.

One of the key provisions in the agreement is the establishment of a job security fund. This fund will provide financial support to employees who are affected by any future layoffs or restructurings. The fund will also provide employees with access to job placement services, training, and education programs.

The agreement also includes improvements in the areas of wages, benefits, and hours of work. Casino workers will receive wage increases over the term of the agreement, and there will be improvements in benefits such as extended health and dental coverage. In addition, the agreement includes provisions for scheduling and overtime, which will provide greater flexibility for the employees and help to reduce fatigue and burnout.

Overall, the new collective agreement between the BCGEU and River Rock Casino Resort is an important step forward for both the casino workers and the casino management. It demonstrates the importance of fair and equitable treatment for all workers, and the benefits that come with constructive negotiations and cooperation between labor and management.

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